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Casagrande B250xp / RENTAL


The B250xp from Italian equipment expert Casagrande is capable of handling your large foundation pile demands.  It can be customized to a low headroom rig with 32-39ft mast.  Able to dig 98″ holes up to 256ft, the B250xp can even drive the casings you will need for any major project.  With it’s combination of power and size, the B250xp can handle any digging surface you throw at it.

Rental price: $35,000 a month

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B250xp – Technical data

Max Depth 256ft
Max Diam. 98in
Max Depth CFA 89ft
Max Diam. CFA 47in
Engine Power 443hp
Track Width 9.8-14.8ft
Shoes Width 35in
Main Winch Line Pull 56,200lb
Service Winch Line Pull 30,125lb
Max Crowd Ram Extraction 90,000lb
Max Crowd Ram Extraction 50,000lb
Stroke 23ft
Crowd Winch Extraction 63,000lb
Crowd Winch 63,000lb
Crowd Winch Stroke 41ft
Rotary Torque 177,000ftlb
Drilling Speed 34rpm
Weight 181,000lbs
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