Rodrill Service

Rig Repairs and Modifications

If your rig is too tall, too short, too slow or too unprofitable, then we will make your rig the right one for your job. Rodrill can repair, customize, convert or rebuild your drilling rig or other foundation drilling equipment.

Structural repairs

Rebuilt masts – Has your rig been overturned or damaged? We repair damaged masts. We will repair your damaged mast or build you a completely new one.

Mast shortening and lengthening – Do you need to get your rig under an obstruction or does it need to drill a little deeper? We will lengthen or shorten your mast.

Rebuilt turntables – Is your rig’s turntable worn out? We will repair or replace it.


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Rig overhauls

We do complete rig overhauls. The last time you overhauled a rig; did it take months because you only had time to work on it when you were not doing your real job? With our experienced mechanics, we will save you money because we save you time. We will get your LDH, LLDH, Watson, Texoma or any other drill rig working like new again.

Special equipment and modifications

Hydraulic Hose – We use a hose crimper to make our own hydraulic hoses.

Winch kits – Modernize your LDH with hydraulic winches. Do you have unreliable mechanical winches on your drill rig? We offer complete hydraulic winch kits for you to install. They include all parts and valving.

Custom made parts and assemblies – Do you have a drill rig part or assembly that you can’t find or is out of production. We will design, engineer, build, modify or repair any special parts, tools, or equipment you may need.

Re-powers – We do drill rig re-powers. Change your weak old engine to a powerful, new, reliable and fuel-efficient engine.

Driveline repairs – Does the driveline on your digging unit keep breaking down again and again costing you time and money? We will re-engineer and rebuild the driveline on your digging unit. We can also convert any or all of your entire rig from mechanical to hydraulic.