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We specialize in building heavy duty drilling tools using high quality American steel.

With a full machine shop we repair any parts or tools that seem irreparable.

Rodrill also offers you the ability to customize your own tool.

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Your Customizing Options

  • Dirt or Rock Augers

rock auger

  • Core Barrels


  • Clean-out or Slurry Buckets

  • Belling Tools



Rodrill standard augers are heavy-duty and are built to last on demanding and difficult drill jobs. Augers are categorized by type of material drilled and configuration.

Material categories: Dirt Auger and Rock Auger.

Configuration and categories: Center-Port Auger and Continuous Flight Auger.

Special orders are always welcome. Painted by your request and specification.

Note: Augers are specified by hole diameter. Actual flight diameter is less than the hole diameter.

Core barrels are used in hard to very hard rock formations or when encountering hard boulders.  They may also be used to drill through non-reinforced and reinforced concrete.  If the rock layer is deeper than the can height, the core is broken off and extracted.  Then drilling is continued.  Our tools are designed for easy removal in this case.  Vents are standard to prevent the tool from sticking in the hole due to mud or water.

Our heavy-duty design allows for maximum crowding to get through those tough boring jobs.  Our tooth pattern minimizes uneven tooth wear while providing good bite.  Tooth style should be chosen to best fit the drilling condition.  Specify the tooth style when placing your order.

Clean-out buckets are used to remove spoils from the bottom of the hole and to produce a level hole bottom.  The two general types of clean-out buckets are :

DUMP—bladed openings in the bottom plate cut and lift the material into the tool.  The tool is lifted out of the hole and dumped.

ONE-EYE— a rotating plate rotates to expose the large opening on the bottom of the tool during clockwise rotation.  Reversing the rotation closes the eye to prevent material fallout during tool extraction from the hole.  Rodrill’s standard COB’s have 1-1/2” thick x 12” tall bottom rings and 3/4” thick wall x 48” tall cans.  For custom dimensions, contact Rodrill.

Rodrill’s Belling Tools are rugged and dependable.  The most common bell angles are 45° and 60°, but we will build the tool to meet your pier flare and toe requirements.  As a rough guide, the overall closed tool height is about three times the closed tool diameter.  An optional manual bottom dump may be ordered for tools for holes 18” diameter and larger.