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1987 Bay Shore Lodrill

$165,000.00 $135,000.00

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The Bay Shore Track Drill Rig is a heavy duty, track mounted, limited access drill rig.  The drill attachment is mounted on an expandable undercarriage with a 360 degree swing and a slide frame.  The unit can be equipped for strokes from six to twelve feet.  A service/kelly winch is standard and the top head drive has clearance for a 36 inch bit.  The unit is powered by an air cooled turbocharged diesel engine.  This rig is ideally suited for drilling foundation holes in restricted access areas, both overhead and width.  The unit can install tieback anchors and do soil testing when equipped with an optional freefall winch and associated accessories.


Torque: 12000 FT LB @ 40 RPM  |  6000 FT LB @ 80 RPM

Crowd/Retract:  18000 lbs

Max Tool Diameter:  36″

Stroke:  8 Ft.

Hydraulic Capacity:  80 gallons

Fuel Capacity:  40 gallons

Length:  15 Ft.


Tracks extended: 8 Ft.

Tracks retracted:  6 Ft.



Without Kelly: 24000 lb

With Kelly:  26000 lb



Mast Lowered:  9′-0″

Mast Raised:  12′-6″


Swing:  360 degrees

Slide:  24″

Scope:  36″

Engine:  Deutz BF6L913

Horespower: 130 @ 2300 RPM

Hydraulic Output:  2 Sections 30 GPM Pressure 3000 PST



The Bay Shore Systems Track Mount Drill Rig consists of a set of hydraulically driven tracks, an expandable carbody, a 360 degree swing frame, a slide frame/deck structure and a mast assembly.  Each of these sub-systems will be described in detail in the following sections of this manual.



The tracks are custom made using Case 450 components.  Modifications have been made to increase the effective track length while keeping the height to a minimum.  The track drives consist of a hydraulic motor, a failsafe brake and a planetary gear drive.  The track adjuster uses a grease cylinder and spring to maintain track tension.



The carbody structure houses the track side frame extension arms and track extension cylinders.  It also forms the base for the swing bearing.