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Casagrande B125xp

The B125xp is the next manufactured by Italian equipment expert Casagrande.  Small enough to be manueverable, big enough to reach the depth you need, and powerful enough to get the job done; the B125xp is just the right size for your foundation piling project.



B125 XP – Technical data

Max depth 164ft
Max diameter 59in
Max depth C.F.A. 75ft
Max diameter C.F.A. 31in
Engine power 220 HP
Width of crawler 8.2 – 12.1ft
Shoes width 24in
Line pull 36,000ftlb
Line pull 15,800ftlb
Extraction force 33,300ftlb
Crowd force 25,630ftlb
Stroke 12.5ft
Extraction force 54,000ftlb
Crowd force 54,000ftlb
Stroke 41ft
Torque 92,195ftlb
Drilling speed 33rpm
Weight in working condition 81,600lbs